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eTeam / streetTeam Outline

Below you will find the outline of what being an eTeam Member involves.

There are some simple and effective things you can do right now to help promote Richard online. It’s not necessary to have a website in order to participate. Please remember to follow rules of netiquette and do not spam! If you do have any other questions that aren't on this website, then please Contact Us and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!

Please remember, that there is a difference between promotion and relentless ‘spamming’! If you’re unsure of the difference, please contact us to check first!

Here are some ways to help promote the Richard online? (suggestions only)

Put links in your signature in e-mail. A good example of a signature to use:

"and back to him", for new original music visit


Put links in your signature of any message boards you are part of that will allow a signature.


If you are a regular in any message forum or chat room, post the link there.


Post on general music forums.


Go to related artist’s music forums and nicely post a message. Remember to use finesse and tact. Don’t harass people and be respectful of any place that you post. Above all don’t spam sites with multiple posts!
Review Richards Music on your website if you have one.


If you have a website, please include a link or even one of our web banners on it.


Search online for websites that have a listing of singer songwriters and make sure Richard is on there.


Call or e-mail local newspapers, magazines, college papers, and tell them about Richard's project


Promote in Newsgroups, Forums, Message Boards, and Mailing lists.

Street Team Rules and Regulation

Do I have to be above a certain age to join?

Yes. You must be older then 16 to join our street teams and our online teams. We apologise in advance if you are below that age and would like to help. If you are 16 or under, Contact Us and maybe we can come up with something else you may be able to help us with

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


We reserve the right to remove and/or ban any member who is unruly or disruptive from team lists, the online forum and any other activities. Such action will not be taken unless it is felt that said membership is detrimental to the team or Richard himself. Your actions as a member of the Street Team are a direct reflection of Richard. It is our responsibility to keep activities running in a positive and professional manner. We will not revoke membership because you do not do things such as hand out flyers, but for actions that cause any of us problems. Please remember, some stores or venues may have rules against handing out materials on their property. There may also be some areas that fans live in where it is against the law to affix stickers/posters to public property such as telephone poles. You may wish to check first to make sure you are allowed to put anything in these areas.


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