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U.K Singer / Songwriter to launch new website


London U.K. August 25th 2005 - Richard Hingley a singer / songwriter from London, UK. is to launch a new website on 1st September 2005. This new website will be a showcase to Richard's songwriting with visitors being able to hear excerpts of tracks from his forthcoming album entitled "and back to me.."

"It's extremely exciting, being able to showcase my songs to such a wide audience via the web" Hingley commented. "I really feel that the internet is the future for un-signed singer songwriters like myself to reach out to a wider audience, this will hopefully create enough interest for me to sell my music from the site in traditional CD and download formats"

The website has been created by Hingley himself in what is a very ambitious project to not only write, play, produce and master his own album, but to also create a website, promotional material and of course music videos to compliment the album.

"I suppose I've always been a jack of all trades and this is such a tremendous project for me to try create all those ideas and concepts that I have been thinking about for years ", Hingley added.

As well as his music been previewed on the site he intends to reach out with a daily web log and a forum for visitors to comment on things they have seen and heard.

"I really want this to be a truly interactive writing experience with people being able to influence the way in which the album will sound, I would love people to comment on both the musical and lyrical side of the music, after all if I can reach out to my audience and get in touch with what they like then this can only help the project "


Richard Hingley has been involved with music writing and production for many years as his father Barrie Hingley was a very prominent musician, Richard started out engineering and producing records in the late 1980's and early 90's before spending a few years working as a consultant in media production. The forthcoming album entitled "and back to me..." will be his first solo album.

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