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mw1Richard Hingley started in the music industry, engineering and producing records in the late 80's and early 90's. Influenced strongly by his father - a prominent musician - this background enabled Hingley to utilise this musicianship within the projects he was involved with. This grounding in audio engineering and production would help set the stage for his future songwriting career.  After a brief spell working as a session musician his career evolved as a freelance consultant in music, video and media production. This blend of audio and video technology enabled Hingley to push the boundaries of creativity and was the foundation of his current projects.

Now Hingley has returned to his roots and is utilising his talents and skills learnt from his past work putting together his forthcoming album.  Entitled “and back to me…”, this album is composed, performed, engineered and produced entirely by the artist. The music, a blend of alternative Pop/Rock and innovative fresh sounds has already come to the attention of thousands through his stunning interactive website This recording is made up of twelve uniquely inspirational songs. They are each an interpretation from Hingley of his own personal life experiences and demonstrate maturity in his songwriting. Being an experienced engineer and producer meant that the difficulties of recording yourself held no qualms in putting together such a polished recording. Even the introduction of a gospel choir on the track “The last time” added to what is an extremely eclectic collection of songs.

The album “and back to me…” is scheduled for a spring release through Key Music Records Ltd. ( ), his own record label, although Hingley is actively looking for partners and collaborators for distribution, licensing and marketing opportunities worldwide.

An unusual fact about Hingley is that he is completely independent.  Not only with his musical compositions but that he shoots, edits and post produces all his own music videos.  As well as this he manages the time to design and maintain his own website which has all manor of recent technical innovations, such as, streaming audio and video, a forum message board, a weblog (blogging) and video and audio podcasts.


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